Koa wood is a rare and beautiful hardwood indigenous to Maui and the island of Hawaii. Surf Surfing Art Print Postereer - Hawaiian mahogany.


Koa wood is a rare and beautiful hardwood indigenous to Maui and the island of Hawaii. Cruiser Art print picture frames are made of koa veneer - Hawaiian mahogany. Collectible nostalgia memorabilia
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-  Hawaiian Koa Wood  -

  Hawaiian Koa is a native forest tree unique to Hawaii.  A member of the Acacia family, koa is one of the world's most expensive woods because of both its rarity and beauty.  Koa trees generally grow on the Big Island of Hawaii and the slopes of Maui's Haleakala Mountain at elevations of 4,000 feet and higher. Although it is the second most prevalent native tree in Hawaii, harvesting is restricted largely to fallen trees.  Preservation of remaining koa forests is a top priority in the Islands.


  Koa is a medium density hardwood similar to walnut. It is sometimes referred to as "Hawaiian mahogany".  Color varies from pale blond to deep chocolate brown and the wood tends to take on a three-dimensional quality when rubbed with oil. Koa is a very difficult lumber to work with as it burns easily and has a tendency to tear-out with even the sharpest of carbide blades. This adds to the expense of items made from koa as more hand sanding is required.


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  In the Hawaiian language "koa" means "bold, brave, fearless, warrior-like". These are qualities that were essential to the ocean-going vessels the ancient Hawaiians made out of koa trees. The early Hawaiians also made surfboards, calabashes and posts for grass houses from Koa trees. The "tannin" from the bark was used for tanning and the leaves and ashes were used medicinally.  At one time Hawaiian Koa was held in such reverence that it could be owned only by Hawaiian Royalty. 


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  Today koa is used for furniture, woodwork, ukuleles and of course quality picture frames. We consider koa to be the finest Hawaiian wood available for framing Cruiser Art prints. Framed prints offered by Cruiser Art utilize very high quality Hawaiian Koa veneer. We prefer veneer for two reasons. It helps keep the price affordable and the veneer is made from the very best koa wood available, which offers the richest color and the most beautiful grain patterns to be found.


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