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-  Tropical Bamboo Wood  -

  Surprising to many, bamboo is actually a grass.  Many larger bamboos are very tree-like in appearance and are often called "bamboo trees". However bamboos are different from trees in that they lack the perpetually growing layer of a tree's trunk beneath the bark that increases a tree's diameter each year; and they lack the cells that make a tree grow taller.  A single stem of bamboo normally reaches full height in one growing season.  A bamboo "tree" can live for several years, increasing the number of side branches, but growing neither broader nor taller.


  Usually identified with tropical regions (including Hawaii), there are approximately a thousand species of bamboo that can be found growing in highly diverse climates all over the world. Shoots generally grow to their full height in only one season, with some species growing as much as a foot a day. The stems are jointed with regular nodes, giving bamboo its very distinctive appearance.  Some tropical bamboo stems regularly reach heights of well over one hundred feet.


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  When treated bamboo forms a very hard wood which is both light and exceptionally strong. In some tropical areas it is used in home construction as well as such varied uses as building bridges, furniture, canoes -- even musical instruments.  Bamboo grows wild on most of the Hawaiian Islands, however it is not a cultivated crop and does not contribute significantly to the state's economy.  Still the bamboo patches found throughout Hawaii add to the tropical lushness of the Islands and are a valued part of our environment.


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  Among its many and varied uses, bamboo makes for a distinctive as well as an especially attractive picture frame. We consider natural-colored tropical bamboo to be a perfect choice for Cruiser Art prints.  Its light and airy appearance is reminiscent of a faraway sun-drenched beach.  Assembled in Hawaii from frame molding imported from southeast Asia, the distinctive nodes of bamboo make this frame both unique and unmistakable. 


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